Visual Company Analyzer WEB

Visual Company Analyzer Web (VCAW) is the result of over 20 years of experience in the application of advanced tools for accessing data sources, viewing and analyzing information. It is the S&A product dedicated to corporate analysis and exploration of the entire information system that gravitates, or can gravitate, around a corporate structure.

VCAW is used to visually consult and explore information sources that will be accessible through a single interface, allowing you to quickly analyze complex scenarios obtained by querying the data sources.

In VCAW, a mechanism based on a semantic normalization algorithm has been implemented that allows the Automatic Federation of databases, allowing system users to navigate between the data of the individual databases as if they were contained in a single source.

Visual Company Analyzer is dedicated to Analysts, Investigators, Law Enforcement Operators, PG Operators, specialists in anti-money laundering compliance, Risk Management Officers, Anti-Fraud Operators, Corporate Protection Officers, internal auditing specialists.

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