Smartprobe - analyze data from smartphones and extracted through UFED, XRY and OXYGEN FORENSIC software

Smartprobe offers you a comprehensive and cohesive management of the diverse data extracted from Smartprobe using the UFED, XRY and OXYGEN FORENSIC software.

Our customers use Smartprobe to build complex scenarios, draw profiles of interest, identify and prevent criminal events. Every day mobile phones offer us different functionalities and convey an ever-increasing amount of information less and less tied to traditional telephone usage only: Audio, Music, Video, E-mail, Messaging, Chat, Photos, Images, Phonebook, Internet, Notes, Geolocation, Social Network, Calendar and related tasks / events.

Smartprobe enables you to process the call data records extracted using the very features and tools present in Tetras; it also has specific modules, dedicated to the analysis of contacts in the address book (analysis of any matching subject between reports) and multimedia files, taking advantage of all the information that accompanies the image tags (geo-referencing, tagorigin). Smartprobe imports the text of the sms, the list of the WI-FI connected and all the information assets present in the reports, in addition to the chats of the various messaging systems (WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, and others).

SmartProbe offers the possibility of analysing the content of multiple smartphones at the same time, making it possible to easily cross-check data present in different devices, using a methodology consolidated through years of experience using Analyst's Notebooks and Tetras. As in all our products, Smartprobe also includes modules for generating summary reports. The reports are made according to specific templates designed to meet the operational and personalisation needs of each customer.

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