Our newest and most powerful communication analysis software goes beyond old horizons carrying this field of investigation into the future; people represent now target of the analysis in this Copernican revolution which takes into account the latest technological enhancements.

The Person / Target is now at the center of the analysis in an innovative approach that enhances the technological advances and patterns of civil society, with functions that, based on the printouts, allow to accurately reconstruct movements on the map, meetings, habits, acquaintances, hobbies, relations.
of targets, just basing this activity upon phone records.

Getting instantaneous and extremely detailed report is tremendously easy, and it’s allowed in different ways from several sections of the sw, faithful to a philosophy of “working better and faster through technology”.

New tools coexist with best results and functions from Tetras 2, whose results can be displayed over the best available viewer software such as ANB, provided in its last version, which can be used also separately. Smartprobe and IPHunter are now available inside T3, and exploiting T3 functions to track down ip activities and phone contents previously acquired.

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