About us

About us

S&A Sistemi & Automazione since 1996, has been the leading company in Italy for designing and deploying analysis and intelligence systems. We have introduced in our country methodologies and technologies for visual and link analysis.

Twenty years ago we introduced in our country the methodologies and technologies for visual analysis and link analysis, while becoming the exclusive distributors of i2 Ltd visualisation software. Over the years our versatility has grown and we have developed a unique expertise in Europe by integrating Analyst's Notebook into many exciting sectors and technologies: in 2013 IBM presented us with the European Business Partner Award of the Year.

We continue to supply some of the most dynamic and demanding organisations with quality custom solutions and cutting-edge software products to address and solve specific operational needs.

Tetras, our product for the analysis of call data records, is the de facto market standard, with several hundred users. Our clients span a broad range of organisations and we are proud to have built a solid reputation for enabling each and every one of them to research, analyse and correlate data to help make clear and informed decisions. We were also first to introduce the same methodological link analysis concepts in very different domains.

Our solutions and products are being used by public and private management in risk assessment and decision making for a wide range of purposes, such as anti-fraud, for a wide range of purposes, such as anti-fraud, anti-money laundering, supplier compliance procurement and sub-contracting analysis.

The one thing we always keep in mind is that, at the end of the day, software products and solutions are tools and at the core of every activity there are people, their creativity, their intuition, their experience.

That is why the open dialogue we keep with our customers stimulates innovation and knowledge sharing.

That is why the relationship with our users is our first success factor.

That is why our consulting, support and help desk services represent excellence.

S&A is a partner in Italy of established market leaders such as IBM, Cognitec, Cambridge Intelligence.

Quality certifications

IQ Net certification

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Certification - Certificate Number: 207

ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 Certification - Certificate Number: MSC-27-712

Information quality and security policy

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