Facelink - production of social network analysis reports Facelink ++ production of social network analysis reports

FACELINK/FACELINK : extraction, display and analysis of information from Facebook.

FaceLink's is our powerful information analysis system for data posted on Facebook. It is integrated with all the other S&A analysis products. It is easy to use thanks to the complete integration with Analyst’s Notebook. It does not need a server. You can search for people, pages or groups in Facebook.

Starting from an account, you can extract and display a wealth of related data on a graph, highlighting hidden triangulations and internal dynamics within networks of people and clusters, for Friends, Photographs, Groups, and Pages on which a likeshas been posted. Similarly, from Groups and Pages you can extract all connected information. Furthermore, from the images you can extract tag (people and places), likescomments and shares, making it possible to discover and display fundamental information flows.

FaceLink's offers automatic reports related to the Timeline, Friends, Photos, favourite Pages, Info and Groups of which a user is a member, creating a precise screenshot (available in a double format, PDF and JPG) of the status of the Target at the time the Report is prepared, in order to maintain the evolution of the scenarios and their sequence.

In the wake of FaceLink's success and of new market demands we have released an even more advanced product, which provides further functionality.

FaceLink ++in fact, integrates functions and modules already present in FaceLink, giving specialists the precious possibility to carry out advanced queries and extract information otherwise not accessible to a standard user. Power users are able to compose articulated queries in order to obtain more precise results. In this way, the search is more focussed and oriented to discover in advance if the elements extracted are or can become targets, before proceeding with the analysis of Accounts, Groups and Pages.

FaceLink ++ allows you to launch bulk data searches, submitting lists of telephone users, e-mail addresses or IDs.

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