Polaris is an innovative web-based application aiming at responding to any challenging need in support of the analysis process and the understanding of complex scenarios, in an ever challanging world producing an increasing and ever more complex volume of information (Data).
Polaris offers users simple analysis paths, intuitive graphical visualization, access to federation of sources at the highest level.
The web-application revolves around the visual graphical navigation interface. The information collected and selected by the user is presented relationally within this form. The visual representation allows you to immediately get an overview of the scenario examined.

The viewer implemented by Polaris is at the highest levels of graphic visualization engineering. The native features of this technology allow the representation of information with a large set of graphic attributes that can improve the level of comprehensibility of what is represented. Among the most important Polaris features we mention:

• Different representations of graphic attributes (gliph, halo, etc.)

• Contextual navigation menus

• Different types of layout

• Measurement of the SNA centrality metrics

• Automatic and customizable clustering of information

• Filters

• Synchronous temporal representations

• Synchronous geographical representations

Polaris supports simultaneous research on different Data sources and proposes a "ranking" of correspondences paths among the results returned by the different sources. This feature is a pivotal support to analysts as it considerably reduces one of the most burdensome activities for them, namely the association of identities coming from multiple sources.

The extra modular architecture allows you to integrate internal and external data sources for any kind of organizations. Connection modules are made available by the most relevant Italian and foreign data sources, public and private. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@sealink.it for any additional information on the integrated sources or for discussing together any related technical aspects or needs.

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