Registration form for free layouts

Registering the Traffic Jam or Matrix layout allows you to remove the unregistered version’s limitation on the number of executions for free.

To register, open the registration form and complete the steps below:

 1) Make certain that the layout is installed.

 2) Launch Analyst’s Notebook (ANB).

 3) Launch the ANB plug-in administration window by selecting:

 main menu > Analyst > Layout Configuration…

 4) Choose a layout: Traffic Jam or Matrix.

 5) In the upper right-hand corner, click the ‘S&A About…’ option.

 6) To view the form, click the “Record” option.

 7) Fill out this form with the following information: Name and Serial Number.

 8) Click on the “Send Request” button.

You will receive an email at the specified address with your Activation Code, which must be added in the layout registration form alongside the name used in this one to complete registration.