The focus now moves to humans. Not simply phone calls, but also wide-ranging communications.

Our users comprise a community of over 2,000 specialists who deal on a daily basis with the complexities of analyzing domestic and international phone records, analyzing information assets extracted from smartphones, and ultimately exploring the social network of one or more people’s contacts.

Key Features

Analyzing data has never been easier

Automatic Import more efficient and complete

A single import for all data types: hundreds of automatically recognized phone record formats, telephone cell lists, social network reports, tabular records incorporating IP traffic, and forensic device exports in multiple formats. Background import conducted on the server allows the analyst to continue working with Tetras while enormous amounts of data are imported. A team of specialists is always working to develop new importers.

Smart Analysis

Smart Analysis in Tetras 3 allows you to rapidly and simply run complex analyses that fit a wide range of demands based on established patterns of behavior. The idea is to make analysis tasks faster and more accessible to non-specialist users.

Communications Analysis and Positioning

Today's phone traffic is based on material retrieved from smartphones, with each device containing the information assets of one or more persons. Communications via messaging systems, for example, are analyzable and context-sensitive; similarly, multimedia files are frequently associated with the device's geographic positioning coordinates at the time of acquisition, allowing - in effect - tracking of the device's movements across the territory.

Link Analysis

TETRAS has always relied on link analysis to swiftly collect information on direct or indirect links that may occur between subjects via the many modes of communication accessible today. This approach, in particular, allows you to: display network nodes, discover correlation paths, perform Social Network Analysis (SNA), identify sub-networks, correlate data from various sources, and apply filters and formatting rules to uncover patterns of investigation

Geographical Analysis

Tetras' information can determine a device's location either in interpolated or highly precise form by deducing it from the cells to which mobile devices dock to communicate, or in highly accurate form by utilizing GPS systems in smartphones.