The difference in Data Analysis

VCAW was intended to enable risk and compliance specialists to have a single platform for accessing industry sources, to be able to quickly undertake complicated audits on all sources, and to be able to monitor counterparties of interest.


Application domains:

  • Antifraud
  • Supplier Compliance
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement
  • Corporate Protection
  • Security
  • Reputational Analysis
  • Social Media Analysis / lntelligence (SOCMINT)



VCAW provides two kinds of automated monitoring:

Basic monitoring, which entails verifying items on a counterparty list or a particular list (e.g., a blacklist) on a regular and automated basis.

Extended monitoring, a periodical and automated monitoring of counterparty elements and their corresponding social networks of interest-where the definition of that network is specified (for example, a company's complete chain of control).