QKEN, or Quick Engine, is our idea for investigating and extracting information from public or internal facility documents; it maintains blacklists, optimizes BIG DATA usage, and allows for the preservation and historization of changing events. Modules for creating summary documentation are included in products, systems, and solutions. All reports are prepared using templates that are tailored to individual needs.



is our powerful method for analyzing data from Facebook, which is integrated with all our S&A analysis solutions. It is user-friendly and simple to use due to full integration with Analyst's Notebook. It does not necessitate the installation of a server. FaceLink allows you to search for People, Pages, or Groups on Facebook.



is our next-generation Intelligence suite that designed to simplify workflows by providing a single, simple, and intuitive software platform which enables the extraction, organization, and analysis of information from social sources by activating search and correlation functions between various sources.


and Octoword

the two fundamental Octopus analysis modules, which are specialized and necessary but can also be employed independently.



Sistemi & Automazione has created analytical layouts that may be employed with Analyst's Notebook to assist users in their daily activities.

The newly created Matrix layout makes it easier to organize things on an Analyst's chart, allowing you to immediately identify the types of entities displayed, whether they are selected by the user or the outcome of one of the analysis phases.

Download layout Matrix

The Traffic Jam layout allows you to visualize related items on an Analyst's Chart Notebook while emphasizing both the emerging links and the time axis, combining the two analytical cores to provide better completeness in the analysis of complex events.

Download layout Traffic Jam

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