President of Sistemi & Automazione S.p.A

Graduated in Electronic Engineering. He began working for a company that combined mechanics and electronics. He was self-employed for many years and focused on industrial automation and American systems. He started his journey in 1996 as President and Co-Founder of S&A. He has worked with design, systems, and analysis methodologies throughout his career.

Chief Executive Officer Sistemi & Automazione S.p.A

At the age of 18, he started working and gaining skills in a variety of fields. He completed his Law degree in 1979, and in 1982 he passed the bar exam. He made his IT debut in 1985. He was hired by Database as a commercial manager in 1990. On the recommendation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, he was granted the Cavaliere Ordine al Merito of the Italian Republic in 1993. He started his journey in S&A as a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer in 1996.

Chief Operating Officer Sistemi & Automazione S.p.A

Graduated in Telecommunications Engineering. Senior Manager with vast expertise in national and international sales and contracts in the defense and security industry, earned in numerous multinational Italian and foreign firms. accountable for the data intelligence, information management, and information security segment’s operations, sales model, products, and business development. Information management, semantic analysis, big data architectures, graph analysis, and GIS technologies have been demonstrated to be of value. Large contracts for Command and Control (C4ISR) and Law Enforcement (Forensic & Case Mng Systems) for Italian and foreign governments have been managed for more than 15 years.

Chief Technical Officer of Sistemi & Automazione S.p.A

Graph theory and control expert with a degree in Automation Engineering. He received a research grant from the University of Bristol following graduation. In 2013, he joined S&A. His early years were spent working on integration and solutions before he was promoted to Innovation Manager. After then, he started working as a project manager on different contracts. He has been the company’s CTO since 2021.